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In my spare time I have always been engage into FDF (an danish equivalent to The Boys Brigade) , in which I started as early as in 1972.  In 2009-2011, with the responsible of infrastructure, logistic, security I took part in the planning and accomplishing of the National Camp 2011 with 12.000 participants. I’ve had so many really good experiences with both children and adults that the space here will not be enough. Along the way I have been training all ages, manager, instructor, course manager and have had the pleasure of helping to organize major events and activities for many 1000 children and adolescents. I was principal at one of FDFs schools, so in that period work and leisure for a time was mixed thoroughly together.

My last project in FDF was the National Camp 2016. A scout camp with more than 12.000 participants where I had the responsibility of security and safety.


I – and the two teenagers of mine – have been involved in the international game Geocahing. Geocaching is a game for the whole family, where you using a GPS receiver can find “treasures” all over the world. In Denmark alone there are now saved many thousands treasures – or “caches” as they are called. Unfortunately it is difficult to find the time, but when it happens we pack our Geo-box, turn on the GPS and hurries along. Only problem is that we daily get a longer and longer distance to the caches we still haven’t found.´

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A good way of relaxing, I have found in our house in Kastager. Here there is always time for one or another project in addition to beautify and/or improve the place. Seen as a mental hygienic purposes, this also force me to devote all my attention on one or another form of craftsmanship which the gives me renewed energy for my many other pursuits.


Another thing I spend a little time on is computers. I make small web pages, and I’m trying to keep up-to-date on the server side. Originally I worked with Domino but as this in many ways brilliant platform is getting older, I trying to learn Mysql and PHP. I’m also playing with different kind of GIS soft- and hardware. From my time at the boarding school, I have some experience with setup and operation of servers and networks, and the playing of course I continue to “ensure” that my home is always well equipped with IT solutions.

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