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In my working life I have tried various jobs. After the general youth jobs like paperboy, deliveryboy, gardener, etc.. I have worked with a wide range of jobs. Below, a brief presentation of my main jobs and work, I’ve been involved in.

Disaster Response and Preparedness Coordinator

From February 2014 I've been employed at Danish Red Cross. As responsible for development, planning, procurement, packing and activation of our ERU units, I've have a lot to do. Together with my colleague Jesper I'm managing our Base Camps. I 2015 I've have been in both Nepal and Greece in a new role as Operation manager in or bilateral operations. In 2017 i deployed to NE Nigeria as FACT teamleader for IFRC. 

Team Leader, South Sudan

In 2013 to the beginning of 2014 I was working for LWF as team leader with the responsibility of setting up an operation in a new refugee camp on the border to Sudan. As an implementing partner for UNHCR, LWF was conducting an operation in Unity which established and ran an emergency child protection and education programme in Ajoung Thok refugee camp assisting up to 20.000 refugees. With funding from UNHCR, BPRM and ECHO the programme significantly improved education, protection, resilience and psycho social well-being of children in the camp. By using community-based structures we identifyed, prevented, mitigated and responded to the immediate protection and education concerns of vulnerable boys and girls in the refugee camp.

Base Camp Manager, South Sudan

September to November 2012 I was deployed as Base Camp Manager for the Danish Red Cross. We established and operated a base camp for relief workers from ICRC South Sudan. The camp was located in Batil, Maban County, Upper Nile State in the middle of one of the world's largest and most isolated marshes, which made both logistical and climatic conditions extremely difficult. The camp was built in 40-45 degree heat in the middle of the rainy season and all equipment had to be flown in to an airport 150 miles away, finishing up with a drive of 10-14 hours at the most hopeless road. An exciting challenge I gladly accepted a second time.

Jamboree Denmark 2012

From may 2012 to september 2012 I worked as head of emergency management at the biggest scout camp ever in Denmark. More than 35.000 participants.
My predecessor was dismissed and have left nothing but angry minds. Dooing the hard paperwork and re-establishing relations to both local authorities and key-members of the camp organisation I mangaged to get the neccessarry authorisation.
At the camp I faciltated the cooperation between a hospital with more than 40 doctors, a fire rescue service, an ambulance service and a security unit. I also made the liasion between the camp organisation and the local authorities.
Very satisfactorily we have no serious incidents neither in the field of security or ind the field of safety.

Master of Disaster Management

In the academic year 2010/2011 I completed a master’s course at Copenhagen and Lund Universities.

The study of Disaster Management is very briefly about acquiring the necessary skills in disaster management at national and international level in both natural and human made disasters.

Pederstrup Efterskole 2002-2010

December 2002 I started - together with Sanne - as Principal at Pederstrup Efterskole on Lolland.

My task was – in a bording school setup – to make a well functioning family out of 10-15 employees and 62 young teenagers!. A challenging task, which I loved and by no means thought was impossible. Besides the management, I spent time on training, maintenance plans, development plans and the building of the school’s IT tools for both students, teachers and administration.

After 8 years in office, we thought that our mission was completed and gave way to the benefit of new forces. It have been 8 years with lots of challenges. A fantastic job that I have learned a lot from and – it’s what they say! - The school think I have done entirely satisfactorily.

DanChurcAid 1996-2002

I worked 6 years in DanChurchAid, as a fundraising advisor with overall responsibility for planning and conducting our annual door-to-door collection. In a team I worked a lot with IT tools, databases, logistics, project management and leadership.

On special occasions – when things really happened – I supported the DCA Emergency Office to solve logistics tasks both in connection with the Kosovo crisis in 1999 and most recently in connection with a mine clearance program in Eritrea.

Danish Bible Society

With the role of project adviser I worked in DBS with planning, implementation and organization of a door-to-door delivery of the New Testament to more than 500,000 households in Copenhagen. The task was conducted in close collaboration with thousands of volunteers from many different congregations, churches and church organizations. The job entailed including organizing all these different actors and get them to work closely together on the task.


In the first years after my bachelor graduation, I worked as a teacher. I taught both young and old students, just as I spent a lot of the time as a special educator for children with special needs.


My first “real” work was the job as an officer at an artillery battalion. I was trained as a reserve officer with the rank of captain. I have handled most jobs in the operational staff. Operations, intelligence and logistics.

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